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Environmental protection is our top priority

We know that materials are a very important key in the concept of sustainability. The covid-19  has forced people to be aware of global warming and everything we are using.We need to understand the importance of environmental and recycling systems.

Recycled materials

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Dedicated to the development of recycled materials

Recycled polyester

By converting industrial and post-consumer polyester waste into new fabric, we are reducing our dependence on virgin petroleum-based material.

Sustainable wool

As consumers become more conscious of recycled, eco-friendly and humane wool, our leading partners continue to innovate sustainable wool textiles.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton developments promote biodiversity, diverse agricultural practices, improved water stewardship and fair economic distribution throughout the supply chain.

Technical synthetics

Consumer demand for enhanced comfort and versatile use has driven the development of polyester and spandex blends. Focusing on eco-friendly stretch solutions, such as those made in part from recycled polyester and renewable plant resources, important certifications include the GRS Global Recycling Standard and bluesign® Blue Label certification, which aims to eliminate harmful chemicals from the textile supply chain.


increase durability and reduce waste


Overproduction is not conducive to circularity. We assist our customers in evaluating the feasibility of pre-ordering and customization in our product categories, we continually review our internal resources, check with our factories and customers before making any purchases, and actively engage in a process that allows for discussions between designers, buyers, and suppliers about overproduction and how to reuse existing products. Identify the parts that can be restarted internally to enable the reuse of existing products and fabrics.



Reducing production pollution

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In the garment manufacturing process, we want to reduce the pollution caused by production, so we are committed to promoting environmentally sustainable methods and materials such as Recycled polyester, Bio-Degradable, and Solution Dye ....


carbon emissions

We minimize any excess movement of materials, focus resources on production sites, confirm the accuracy of development, and reduce any potential for increased carbon emissions.

We encourage our employees to take public transportation, preferring to bike or walk if distance permits.

Working from home changes the way everyone works and reduces the opportunity for business travel, which reduces our carbon footprint, and we maintain this remote working mode.

We maintain our energy conservation habits and actively participate in "Earth Hour".



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Our employees are the most important asset of our company. We eliminate traditional management and encourage parallel communication among employees. We provide appropriate welfare programs, take care of our employees and their families, maintain workplace health and safety, and encourage our employees to develop their creativity and potential.


We Provide a safe and healthy work environment and take responsible measures to reduce the negative environmental impact of the workplace. We comply with all legal requirements regarding labor and provide any fringe benefits required by law or contract.

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