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Eastwood Outdoors

is a one-stop solution for apparel design, development, production, and delivery, with specialization in the Outdoor Retail, Collegiate and Corporate Identity market、Workwear and Uniforms. We began soft-goods manufacturing in 1977 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, specializing in the two synthetic fabrics, Polyester and Nylon,that would later form the basis for all technical fabrics available today.

Today, Eastwood Outdoors HQ is based in Taipei, Taiwan with production facilities in China and Southeast Asia.

Our mission is to provide a complete end-to-end solution in apparel manufacturing and supply-chain management for our customers. We form deep partnerships with customers in order to understand their business and design a unique process to help achieve their objectives and goals. We expect to provide exceptional value and make breakthroughs for each of our customers.

We are one of the rare factories

that understand the Corporate Identity industry. Drop-dead event dates and requirements such as 100% quantity fulfillments are expected and met without fail. Our biggest advantage: we produce our own catalogue of versatile outerwear and active-wear that can be easily customized to suit every customer’s needs. We not only stock the raw materials, but also finished product, so that orders can be filled as quickly as 2-4 weeks, with minimums as low as 200pcs, private label included.

We use a heavy-handed

approach to post-production and logistics.

When an order ships, our follow up work begins. We track shipments to assure a safe, on-time delivery.

As well, we keep in constant contact to assure our products meet expectations and retail objectives.


Our core


We takes positive action.


We aspire to be the best in everything we do and strive for continuous improvement.


Take our mission statement from words to action.


We maintains the highest level of service to achieve the highest.


We maintains teamwork to support each other and loves the quality of life, value content, respect, and humility. 

ork Responsibility

We value the world's resources and burdens, and respect and assist our partners and employee.


We are always enthusiastic and optimistic about everything.

zero mistake

Maintain professionalism and zero errors.

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