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Every piece included in our accessories collection reflects our commitment towards making functional product with lasting quality

 Various types of GARMENT

We are committed to raising standards, improving factory procedures and systems, and aim to enhance awareness of good sustainability practices.

We will continue to evolve our programs to meet market needs and local conditions, and work with the industry to share best practices and accelerate necessary changes.


Not just production

Each product is designed carefully and planned specifically for a range of activities

while maintaining a distinctly smart, city-sleek look.

So no matter where the day takes you, you’ll be on your way.

Total brand customization project

EASTWOODOUTDOOR has years of experience in the Garment industry to help you build a collection of your brand from the ground up, giving you any innovative ideas and the latest industry trends.

Never need to worry if you don't have an idea. Our team will assist you by carefully researching your brand's style in depth.
In addition to producing apparel, we also provide you with all the related designs for packaging materials, offering you complete development, not just apparel.

​one-stop service

Starting with the raw materials, we are officially on the journey of garment production. Every step is taken with care until a perfect garment is completed.


We have the most advanced development technology, everything starts from the original material.

We can meet your needs for natural or synthetic fibers, such as eco-friendly fibers and functional yarns.

From front-end yarn to fabric development, we provide professional inspection reports to provide professional and perfect materials for your garments.

For any request, we are in control from the beginning of the material development to the production of the garment, no need to worry, the perfect product will come to your door!

​Perfect presentation

We look forward to the moment when our customers receive their garments, whether it is the professional presentation of corporate uniforms or the creation of garments that solve life's problems for consumers, this is our goal and accompanying our customers at every stage to accomplish their goals is the purpose of our existence.


Daily and casual


Weather Protection


Group Uniform


Classic Workwear

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