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Welcome to Eastwood Outdoor A Smart Development, Design & Manufacturing Enterprise
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Eastwood Outdoor specializes in laminating multi-layer fabric with a breathable membrane to create waterproof ratings from 600mm to 20,000mm. We offer custom fabric engineering to suit every endeavor: from mountaineering to casual-wear to marine workwear. We use the highest quality accessories, such as YKK Vislon® waterproof zippers and Bemis seam-sealing tapes to create a truly superior final product.


Let our factory give life to your garment goals. The seed of your idea forms the basis of a lasting partnership that will grow your brand. Our promise: to untangle the intricacies of outerwear manufacturing so you can create your ideal vision.


We are a 4-seasons outdoor apparel manufacturer with deep knowledge of the hundreds of moisture-wicking fabrics available. We work with customers to marry their end-use needs with these specialized fabrics for specifications such as levels of absorption, air permeability, wicking capabilities, and drying rates. We won’t rest until we’ve found the perfect match.


Every order is a promise. We monitor every garment detail to assure the highest level of craftsmanship and quality. Our rigorous quality control process eliminates customer anxiety. We don’t cut corners when it comes to earning our customer’s trust and confidence.


Eastwood Outdoors

Eastwood Outdoors is a one-stop solution for apparel design, development, production, and delivery, with specialization in the Outdoor Retail, Collegiate and Corporate Identity market. We began soft-goods manufacturing in 1977 in Taoyuan, Taiwan, specializing in the two synthetic fabrics, Polyester and Nylon, that would later form the basis for all technical fabrics available today. Today, Eastwood Outdoors HQ is based in Taipei, Taiwan with production facilities in China and Southeast Asia.

We are one of the rare factories that understand the Corporate Identity industry. Drop-dead event dates and requirements such as 100% quantity fulfillments are expected and met without fail. Our biggest advantage: we produce our own catalogue of versatile outerwear and active-wear that can be easily customized to suit every customer’s needs. We not only stock the raw materials, but also finished product, so that orders can be filled as quickly as 2-4 weeks, with minimums as low as 200pcs, private label included.

We use a heavy-handed approach to post-production and logistics. When an order ships, our follow up work begins. We track shipments to assure a safe, on-time delivery. As well, we keep in constant contact to assure our products meet expectations and retail objectives.

Our Core Values:
  • 1. An Honest Day of Work. We cut no corners and strive for excellence in every part of our jobs.
  • 2. Sustainability. We are environmental stewards and are fiercely protective of our people and our products. Whenever possible, we recycle, reduce and re-use to shrink our impact. We think about the future and take our role in shaping it seriously.
  • 3. Communication. Ideas are the driving force, and ideas need airspace. We listen to our customers and the people we work with. Mutual respect results from open and excellent communication.
  • 4. Deliver. We are result-driven. Action plans propel us more than business plans. We build customer confidence with our can-do attitude. Our reputation rides on results.
  • 5. Deep Breathing. Yes, we operate in a fast-paced environment with production and logistics on a global scale, but it is important to know when to take a step back. Often, the best solutions rise to the surface when the problem is set aside for a breath of fresh air.


Providing One-Stop Shop Solutions

Eastwood Outdoor offers sophisticated supply-chain solutions for either custom or stock-based orders. We cover the entire spectrum of services, end-to-end: product design, raw material sourcing, production, quality control, logistics, and shipping.




Production Capacity and Fair Labor Practices

We have a production capacity of 85,000pcs per month. Each of our two main production facilities, one in Shanghai and the other in Xiamen, China, are ideally located within a one-hour drive of all materials and trims which streamlines our production and lowers energy consumption in transit. Our local skilled workforce offers deep experience, and together we provide top-notch quality and excellent workmanship.

Safety of our workers is a priority for Eastwood Outdoor. Specifically, strict fire safety standards is embedded in our approach to not only in our own production facilities but to raw material sourcing as well. Our Code of Conduct is integral to our compliance and sustainability program.

We are committed to raising standards, improving factory procedures and systems, and aim to enhance awareness of good sustainability practices. We will continue to evolve our programs to meet market needs and local conditions, and work with the industry to share best practices and accelerate necessary changes.

Eastwood Outdoor has a zero-tolerance policy to child labor or any abuse of human rights.



The who, what, why, where, how?
Q: How is Eastwood Outdoor different from other factories?

A: First, we provide a one-stop-shop solution for our customers with product development, production and logistics. Second, and more importantly, we carry a catalog of stock items that our customers can order “just in time” such as fleece, soft-shells and sport shirts that can be ready to go with a company’s own private label in 2-4 weeks.

Q: Stock? You mean on the shelf, ready to go at a moment’s notice?

A: Yep, plus time to prepare and package an order.

The styles are classified in 3 tiers: Tier-1 (top sellers/heavily stocked items) = 2-3 weeks (Rush service can be requested). Tier-2 (popular but not as well-stocked items) = 4-5 weeks Tier-3 (limited stock items) = 6-8 weeks

Q: What about custom or bespoke apparel? What is the delivery time?

A: Most factories have an ETD of at least 3-4 months, but ends up being more like 5-6+ months. We are much faster. Our project management team consists of bilingual specialists that make communication much more direct between customer and the people who are actually making the garment. Also, our factory locations offer some of the most comprehensive stock of raw materials, which gives us a big advantage when making custom apparel.

Q: Do you provide embroidery or other forms of decoration?

A: Yes, we have the capability to embroider, screen print, embroidery patch and laser etch on our garments. In fact, some of our styles are designed with specific decoration access pockets.

Q: How competitive is the pricing?

A: We adapt to our customers’ needs. We believe in “best bang for the buck” and truly aim for that sweet spot of excellent value for every product. However, we will not sacrifice workmanship to save a buck. We are proud of our excellent quality and the knowledge that our products will outlast those with shoddy sewing.

Q: Where are the FOB points?

A: Primarily in Shanghai and Xiamen, China.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of this website and we will get in touch with you.

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